SADB Directional Drilling (SADB) was established in the mid 1990’s, initially, to roll out the Telstra cable program. Directional drilling was the preferred option as it was the least intrusive and the most efficient manner to roll out the cable. With the directional drilling technology strong and well established in the USA, SADB set out to be one of the early adopters of this technology and industry in South Australia and purchased the new directional drilling technology and high-cost equipment. Upon completing comprehensive training in the USA, SADB subsequently secured a 3 year contract with Telstra and developed a strong business model that met the requirements of all key stakeholders (company and customers).

Initial business came from the main telecommunication companies to roll out data and broadband cables, but work soon expanded to include service installations for Government departments, ETSA, local councils, SA Water and commercial organisations.

Within a short space of time SADB became a market leader both in ability and performance within the industry, entrusting their success to sound business values and high level safety standards. The restructuring of the family owned company into a robust business operation began with the appointment of a General Manager to oversee all aspects of the company’s operations and performance. The General Manager focused on developing strong business management policies and operations as well as introducing an Advisory Board to assist with SADB’s strategic direction.

The final component of the restructure saw the introduction of a fully accredited Quality Assurance Management System. This has enabled SADB to compete in every aspect of the civil industry and to pursue unique project opportunities.

SADB is an industry leader that has a constant focus on its people, process improvement, quality and excellence. Consequently SADB has a strong customer base and is consistently winning many contracts both locally and interstate.


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