Project Length

8 Weeks

Project overview:

Undergrounding of existing overhead electrical network. SADB completed all works associated with the provision & installation of electrical distribution civil works, including the supply & installation of SAPN switchgear & transformer vaults, pads & piers, conduits & bends, pits & pillars, public lighting network, bollards and pole footings.

Description of work:

Scope of works comprised of all trenching and HDD activities to place the existing overhead high voltage, low voltage and DPTI lighting cabling underground. Works also involved the construction of light pole footings.

Service install circa 1200 metres of multiple conduits along and beneath Bartels Road between East Tce and Dequetteville Tce as well as 24 light footings, HV stobie pole footing construction and multiple pits.

All works completed while minimising disruption to high traffic volumes entering and exiting the CBD area.