City of Playford


3 Months

Project Objective:

Carclew Road, as part of the Rural Road Sealing program was upgraded. The project included road seal, drainage and swale works. The swale that was completed for the Carclew Road project however created some onsite drainage and flooding issues. A design was prepared to allow the stormwater runoff to be discharged into the Gawler River.

Project Description:


  • Trench and lay 500m of 600mm stormwater pipe at a 0.2% grade
  • Install 6 junction boxes and a headwall to connect to an existing swale
  • Re-design a section to allow for private water main that runs through stormwater alignment
  • Pitch rocks in Gawler River at stormwater outlet to mitigate any potential erosion caused by stormwater flow


  • HDD 2 x 150m of 450mm Stormwater pipe at 2% grade