Adelaide Hills Council


6 Weeks

Project objective:

Adelaide Hills Council had identified that a pressure main to the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) within the township of Birdwood, was failing due to Insufficient capacity. This section of the wastewater network needed to be replaced with a new pressure main.

A larger replacement main was installed to provide additional capacity to the Church Street Community Wastewater Management System. The new pressure main was installed alongside the existing pipe and tied into the existing system to alleviate the capacity restrictions.

Description of work:

  • Supply and installation of 1900 metres of new construction 110mm and 180mm pressure main.
  • The main was installed utilising HDD and trenching methods.
  • Works carried out within Environmentally Sensitive areas.

Additional works completed included, connection of the new pressure main to the existing pump station discharge, valves and head works. Connection to the existing balance tank at the Birdwood WWTP.

Other works included crossing of the SA Water Mannum–Adelaide Pipeline.

All works were completed on time and within budget, meeting the Adelaide Hills Councils expectations, with minimal disruption to rate payers and stakeholders.