Coopers Brewery

Project Length

10 Weeks

Project overview:

SADB were awarded the construction of a 7km wastewater line (Brine Line) by Coopers Brewery. This project was part of the Coopers Brewery expansion at Regency Park (SA).

Description of work:

SADB were involved in the design and construction of the line. Detailed planning was required to select a route through the Regency Park industrial site, property easements and final disposal point out to the salt lakes.

  • The project was completed utilising HDD to install 7 km of 140mm PE pipeline
  • The main challenges faced were with installing the pipeline in areas of reclaimed land and high water table
  • The final out fall was into the salt lake which involved a 400m water crossing
  • In addition to the installation of the pipeline 40 valves and apertures were installed