LEED / Verzola


1 Month

Project Objective: 

  • Directional Drill and install 1 x 710mm PN 20 PE pipe, under Gawler River and through Aboriginal sensitive area
  • Total Drill length 440 metres
  • The project was completed for the LEED / Verzola JV – SA Water NIAS project

Description of Work:

SADB utilised 100,000 Pound Drill Rig to complete the subject drill.  The drill held many challenges, drilling through ground water and running sands.  In order to recycle the drilling fluids and separate the drill cuttings – a recycling system was utilised at the exit end for part recycling and transported in a return line (280mm PE) back to the entry end in which a 2nd recycling unit was employed for further drilling mud separation.  The drill was completed with 5 passes, pilot, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm and 900mm cuts.  Pipe installation took 8 hours to complete.