3 Months

Project objective/ overview:

Hampstead PLEC involves all the civil works necessary to construct and install the conduit network required for the undergrounding of overhead SAPN network. The work zone is between Romilly Avenue and North-East Road and associated side streets along Hampstead Road.

SADB have also been contracted to complete the construction of street lighting for DPTI and ITS netwrok. This includes 30 concrete lighting pole footings along the length of the project to house the newly designed light poles giving the road a fresh feel as well as increasing visibility for traffic safety.

Description of work:

  • Works involved an extensive amount of directional drilling, trenching activities and footing construction
  • Directional drilling of 1,295 lineal metres, 445m of trenching, 6 stobie pole footings and 30 light pole footings
  • Due to the location of the works and the volume of traffic, SADB had to also plan carefully and precisely to ensure to not impact the flow of commuters to and from work