City of Marion


2 Months

Project Overview:

During 2016, the Marion Council upgraded portions of Stormwater drainage infrastructure in Heron Way Reserve, Hallett Cove. This work was performed as part of the Hallett Cove Beach Master Plan, involving the total redevelopment of Heron Way Reserve and surrounds.

Unfortunately, soon after its completion, the system began to surcharge through virtually all access lids located within the reserve area, causing significant scouring and creating hazards to patrons of the reserve. The most significant hazard arises when lids are dislodged, thereby creating a dangerous environment for people walking in the reserve area. The surcharge issues have repeated on numerous occasions since December 2016.

Following this, the consultant has also completed detailed design for remedial works to resolve this issue. The design essentially calls for the upgrading of the system’s capacity, by replacing the trunk drain between the Heron Way Reserve Outfall and Heron Way with larger diameter pipe.

Description of Work:

  • Supply and install stormwater infrastructure ranging from 1650 to 1050 RCP
  • Demolish and remove existing infrastructure
  • Pour in-situ new Junction Boxes x 6
  • 1650 headwall on the foreshore