John Holland Guidera O'Connor Joint Venture (JHGO JV)


5 Months

Project Objective:
SADB was engaged to supply, install & test civil works required for the HV conduit/pit system and transformer yard works upgrade.

Description of Work:
With many environmental, topographic and weather pending constraints, SADB workers met the challenge to construct the new pit and pipe conduit infrastructure that will host the new HV Cables. SADB installed 750m of conduit in steep and near inaccessible terrain which needed to be complete pre-wet season where rain would cause slippery and dangerous conditions for excavators, and before bushfire season where heat and the potential for fires could cause high risk working conditions.

  • Hydro excavation of existing direct buried HV main cable along trench route
  • Excavation of all trenches including laying of all new pipe work, fittings, spacers and marker tape/board totalling 750m in line with Client supplied drawings
  • Installation of 12 x pre-cast pits
  • Construction of Switching cubicle concrete slab and surrounding 6 x bollards
  • Installation of cable markers
  • Remediation of the road, storm water, gutters etc, due to impacts of trenching