District Council of Mount Barker

Project Length

4 Months

Project overview:

With the expansion of residential development within the District Council of Mt Barker area, council required to up size and expand their sewage network. SADB are engaged in the design and construction for the upgrade and expansion of the network. The project team have faced many challenges from the installation of large pipe diametre, rock ground conditions, depth of installation and tight grades.

Description of work:

Working in conjunction with all stakeholders, SADB are undertaking the following works;

  • Installation of 355mm and 280mm PE pipe line via HDD
  • 1,856 metres of pipe line installed to minimum grade of 0.5% grade, depth of installation ranging from 4 metres to 8 metres.
  • Installation of maintenance shafts and manholes
  • Ground conditions from shales, cobbles, sand stone and blue stone
  • All works completed whilst maintaining access for residents, businesses and emergency vehicles
  • Extensive customer consultation required on the project