District Council of Mount Barker


3 Months

Project overview:

SADB was contracted to undertake the following summary of works

  1. Upgrade of the intersection of Adelaide Road and Gawler Street
  2. Construction of a pedestrian crossing across Adelaide Road from the Adelaide Road/Gawler intersection to the Auchendarroch complex
  3. Construction of a shared path linear trail to meet the existing linear trail in nearby Keith Stephenson Park and a further extension of the trail through the Auchendarroch complex

Description of work:

  • Construction of the Adelaide Rd/Gawler Street Civil works and the Keith Stephensen Shared Path Package.
  • Demolition of the existing dated outlay, re-works to services through the area and installation of newly designed traffic signals crossing and lighting through the main intersection.
  • Both sides of Adelaide Road is to be rectified with a new modern landscaping design, giving it an attractive fresh and modern feel.
  • A new Shared Path is also to be constructed from the intersection through to the existing shared path east of the round about at the Adelaide Road/Mann Street intersection, giving pedestrians and cyclists a direct link to the main city centre. The shared path shall be a smooth asphalt finish with lighting along the route.