3 Months

Project Objective:
Supply and Install a Water Reticulation System at Osborne Naval Shipyard

Description of Work:
To ensure the development of the naval shipbuilding program the shipyard required the upgrading and installation of essential key infrastructure including the development of a new water main. Some of the challenges that were required to be met was to complete works with minimal to no stopping of road and rail traffic. The challenge was met by installing the 1.5km of water main pipe line and valves system, and to integrate and connect into existing infrastructure via HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling), open trenching and live tapping construction methods.

Works included;

  • Constructing the reticulation water main included:
  • 1.5km of 250mm diametre water main installed using HDPE, PVC, DICL
  • Sleeved the installed pipe under rail via HDD
  • Main road crossing installed by HDD
  • 2 x Live water taps onto existing water mains
  • Hydrants and valves installed