City of Unley

Project Length

9 Weeks

Project overview:

SADB was contracted to supply and install stormwater drainage in the suburb of Parkside for the City of Unley. The project consisted of 2 sections;

A. Upgrade of existing system under the intersection of Fullarton Rd and Glen Osmond Road
B. Installation of new system in residential area, installed in roadway

Description of work:

The works consisted of installation 900mm box culverts, reinforced concrete pipe (375 up to 1050mm in diameter), junction boxes and connecting into the existing drainage system.

200m constructed directly through the intersection of Fullarton Road and Glen Osmond Road, which is one of the busiest intersections in Adelaide.

The remaining 350m were completed on Kenilworth Road where existing sewer services had to be lowered to clear the newly installed pipe. SADB also had to handle and dispose of high contaminated soils in the area.

Works required careful forward planning and implementation due to existing services through the area and the liaison with residents, road users and road way authority DPTI.