R2P (Regency Road to Pym Street)


3 Months

Project Objective:
Consisted of the installation of a storm water road drainage system, consisting of RCP (Reinforced Concrete Pipe) pipeline, SEP (Side Entry Pits) and box culverts on the Regency Road to Pym Street in the North-South Motorway M2 Project.

Description of Work:
Open trenching and related civil works for the installation of storm water infrastructure required for road water drainage which included the following main tasks:

  • Demolition and removal of existing infrastructure
  • Trenching, bedding and back-fill, including compaction
  • Installation of precast concrete pits (including side entry pits), pipes, culverts and head-walls
  • Connections to and from the existing drainage network
  • Reinstatement of existing surfaces as required