South East Water

Project Length

12 Weeks

Project overview:

SADB we engaged by South East Water (Victoria) to Install low pressure sewer system in the township of Cannons Creek (Victoria).

Description of work:

The project involved the installation of a new sewer system to replace the existing septic sewage system. Due to the high water table and the beach sand condition the complete system was built utilising HDD.

Works completed:

  •  4000 metres of directional drilling and installation of pipe ranging from 63mm to 180mm.
  • 160 property connections, from the newly laid mains to the house lots
  • 160 property boundary kits with ball valves were also installed
  • Installation of 160 E One units
  • Installed isolation values, flushing points, vacuum and scour points
  • All fittings were fitted using an electro fusion system
  • Testing and final commissioning of system
  • Extensive customer consultation