Horizontal Directional Drilling

SADB have been providing HDD services for over 23 years. We have a modern fleet of HDD equipment with the latest HDD technology to complete specialist projects which have been deemed to be high risk. This has been achieved through quality systems, project management structure and industry knowledge and experience.

Strong working relationships with our broad customer base has seen successful completion of a diverse spread of projects. These include

  • Installation of pipe from 63mm to 1100mm with drills up to 500m in distance (per drill shot)
  • Rail crossings
  • Major road crossings
  • Multi conduit installations
  • Drilling sewer to minimal grades
  • Drilling in all ground conditions inclusive of high water table through to rock
  • Installation of product pipe from polyethylene to steel

This has been highlighted with the installation of over 325km of recycled water pipelines and 250km of power network conduits.

HDD Projects

Below are a selection of projects where SADB have successfully used Horizontal Directional Drilling to complete the project.