City of Salisbury, City of Tea Tree Gully, City of Playford

Project Length

2007 - 2015

Project overview:

As part of the Federal funded project named “Water for Good” to drought proof the northern suburbs. The project intent was to construct a recycled pipe network throughout the City of Salisbury, The City of Playford and The City of Tea Tree Gully. The network linked the wetland system which captures stormwater, treats the water and is stored in the ASR. The pipeline is then utilised as part of the injection and distribution network to provide an alternative water source for irrigation, commercial use and residential purple pipe.

Description of work:

Since 2007 SADB has been engaged by the northern councils under numerous contracts and have installed over 230 kilometers pipeline and associated civil works.

Works completed;

  •  230 kilometers of purple pipe network, ranging from 63mm to 710mm PE pipe
    • City of Salisbury 150km
    • City of Playford 48 km
    • City of TTG 32 km
  • Design and construction of network
  • Wetlands development and construction
  • Valves and PRV assembly
  • Installation of irrigation tanks
  • Pump station installation